Europe's Greatest  Horseman
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We very welcome every Horsemen and Horsewomen to the international “Europe’s Greatest Horseman” in Switzerland

Europe's Greatest Horseman am TOPSPINE Cowhorseday

This will be advertised internationally for the first time in 2018 as part of the TOPSPINE Cowhorseday with four  ranch competitions. It will show the versatility of the ranch cowboy, Vaquero, Buckaroo etc. with his horse. Similar to the american example of  the NRCHA, but in our event with pure ranch competitions. A jackpot will be distributed to the first five jackpot-finishers and should create some incentive to participate (see below). Which papers are required for a border crossing into Switzerland, also see below. Of course all Europeans living in Switzerland are cordially invited to represent their country!

The four competitions at Europe's Greatest Horseman
A challenge to the versatility of horse and rider

Ranch Nature Trail
- natural obstacles of daily ranch work outside the arena

Ranch Riding
- shows the horseman’s riding skills in western dressage

Sort’n Rope
- sort out cattle and rope their head (with Breakaway-Honda)

Horseman’s Work
- a mix of horsemanship, stockmanship and roping

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For the classes Greenhorn and Vaquero the Ranch Natur Trail and the Ranch Riding can be booked as a package. These are then managed in separate ranking like last year.

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